Thursday, November 17, 2011

'Hey Cinderella! Step up your game!" Or, "How to Be a Better Princess"

Dear Cinderella’s Point of Contact:
My name is Emily Nicoll and I am a long-time admirer of you and your people (fairy tale princesses in general). I am studying to be an adolescent counselor and the impact you and your people (again, fairy tale princesses) have on young girls is extensive. I gained an address that may serve as a point of contact for you through a friend of mine, so I hope this finds you well.  There are a couple of matters I wish to discuss with you.
First and foremost in the interest of full disclosure and honesty (which, as a princess I know you value greatly) I must inform you that while you are appreciated, you are not my favorite princess. I do apologize for any hurt that may cause, but my guilt is assuaged with the knowledge that many claim you as their favorite regent.
Please do not misunderstand; I greatly respect all you have done in your life, what with the cleaning oh-so-much, training woodland creatures to make beautiful dresses for you, devising intricate escape plans, (Hello! Pumpkin Coach?!?!? BRILLIANT!), and then living within close quarters with people you generally detest. On top of all of this, I can personally identify with the pain you experienced at having your favorite pair of shoes absolutely destroyed (I just buried my favorite pair of cowboys boots…it’s a hardship, I know).
But we women of the 21st century are looking for a little bit more in our princesses, so I thought I might share with you some pointers on how you might become a bit more popular with the 20-something set.
One of your fellow royals exhibits some of the qualities that I think may benefit you if applied to your own life these days. I’m sure you are familiar with Belle. I would very much like to point out a few things that Belle has accomplished, or traits she possesses, that perhaps you may find beneficial if you were to add them to your repertoire:
1-      Belle reads. A lot. She broadens her horizons and expands her mind, promoting education in young women, something that not too long ago we females were denied on some of the most basic levels.  Now that you are living happily ever after, how about initiating some educational grants for the young women of the realm?

2-      She works. Now as I stated earlier, I understand that you cleaned oh-so-much for your step-mother, but Belle-well, she helps her father INVENT things. Whole new machines are created with her assistance! Why don’t you try to figure out how to market that Pumpkin Coach, eh?
 3-      I’m sure Prince Charming is just that: charming. But really, it takes a lot more character to fall for a guy who looks as though he could flat out eat you. Belle did that. I’m just sayin’…

4- When the tough gets goin’, Belle throws herself into the thick of it! When Gaston decided to storm the castle and kill the Beast, Belle went after him, threw some fists and got her hands a little dirty. May I point out that you, Madame Cinderella, cried in the tower when you thought all hope was lost for love? Something to consider.
5- Belle can ride a horse. His name is Felipe. You can’t. Every proper princess should know how to ride a horse.
 I hope you take these suggestions in the manner in which they were intended. I mean only to help you become the best princess that you can be, so as to be an even better role model for females world-wide (like Belle is). I thank you very much for your time and consideration of these matters and finally come to the main point of this missive: I really like fairy tale princesses and would appreciate your autograph, or those of any friends you may have that are regents as well….I know you know them….I have proof:

Thank you so much for your magnanimous consideration and time. I have included my home and business addresses below should you feel the desire to contact me. Have a blessed and pleasant day.
With many thanks in advance-

Emily Elizabeth Nicoll

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I began playing with paints again a few months ago after a little got in the way of being creative! But I had these two pieces to share...'Autumn' & 'Movement'! I'm a pretty lucky duck of my best girls is a fabulous photographer and was in town a few weeks ago...she graciously did a few showcase shots of some of my work including these newest pieces! Check them out on Etsy and Ms. Brooke at :



Thursday, October 6, 2011

A little extra randomness never hurt ANYONE

A few more....they just keep coming back to me....

*Not all of these are about me, nor from me

"Boys never want a toy until another boy wants to play with it"

"I'm not superstitious. But I am a little stitious."

"When you're stressed out and can't face just shop"

"Nobody ever listens to me! When the package is this pretty no one ever pays attention to what's inside!"

"Get out of the bitter barn and play in the hay!"

"Have a little class ladies! Wrap the gift!"

-"Getting along with people is like Madison Avenue..a two-way street!"
     -"Madison is one-way..."

"You're non-verbal communications are REALLY loud"

"Yes. I do frequently burst out into song"

"I'd be more inclined to grow up if I saw that it worked out better for others"

"My vocabulary get extensively more intelligent sounding the more liquor I consume"

"She needs therapy-the kind of therapy that only kicking a bucket and meeting sweet Jesus can supply..."-B.S. Robinson

We all remember the ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’ obsession of the 90’s right? Every type of person on this green earth could have their own version of soul-satisfying chicken soup….Chicken Soup for the Slightly-Obsessive Compulsive, Blonde, Texan with a Bum Knee, Amazing Friends and a Great Family but Who Also has a History of Falling for Jerks, Shopping Too Much, and Loving to Paint. See? Look at that! A Chicken Soup book JUST for me!

But I digress-

One year as a youngster Santa brought me a fabulous little book call Wit and Wisdom from the Peanut Butter Gang.  It is FAR superior to all those soupy tomes and I loved it so much as a kiddo, that I actually did my 3rd grade book report on it. I have collected random quotes and musings from all around me ever since….If I know you, love you, or have stood next to you in line for a cup of coffee, be warned, you may have been documented…..

Quotes that I have Recently Collected:

“Alis volat propriis”
"If you were a book,  you'd be a book of poetry"
“It's hard not to be romantic about baseball.”

"Just be wrong. Just stand there in your wrongness and be wrong and get used to it"
“Set fire to the room. Do it now.”
"I don't believe anyone can waste their time, they're just getting prepared for the next thing"
“It was pretty baller. Because ‘baller’ is the word that best describes Renaissance paintings’

“Why anyone cares about the Kardashians at all is totally beyond me.”
“I. Love. Texas. ...just saying."

-"Well, I guess I can't hide my crazy...
     -"I don't think you're tryingthat hard..."

<><> <><> <><>

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Self Acctualization Lessons Learned: I am Pretty Corny (Part I)

I just spent the weekend with a dear friend who actually happens to be my oldest Amiga, in both length of acquaintance and actual years spent on earth. It was one of those weekends when there was actually enough time to do nothing and something all in two days, a time filled with serious sharing and wine-fueled laughter. I felt awesomely lucky as I drove home on Sunday night, pondering the corny sweetness that comes with old, dear friends. I then observed worlds collide between two people I know;one of my closest friends visited Las Vegas this past weekend...yes, I was a bit jealous, I must admit, but I got even more green-eyed when I noticed on the ever-updating Twitter feed that a sweet friend of mine from high school (who is currently driving cross-country from LA to South FLA) was stopping in Vegas that very night, and that their paths were bound to cross! To top off the Friendship-A-Palooza going on in my little blonde head, I am getting the chance to visit another dear friend in honor of her birthing her second fabulous son next weekend. 
In true Emily fashion, I mentally constructed a list of all the ways I have discovered what real friendship truly is, the lessons I have learned from the women around me....
A Real Friend:
-NEVER says 'I told you so'
-Waits over an hour with you for a tattoo, even when they aren't getting one and even when it only takes 10 minutes get the actual tattoo
-Knows how you drink your margaritas
-Tells you what you don't want to hear, but probably need to hear
-Overlooks hormonal witchiness
-Can list your favorite foods
-Will go ahead and let you say 'Thank you!' and take motherhood credit when someone comments on how cute their kid is as you're holding them, knowing part of you is savoring the moment in case its the only chance you get to be a "mom"
-Totally knows who your celebrity crush is (and may or may not announce that name to the entire checkout line at Walmart, see below)
-Goes to Walmart past 11:00 p.m. with you, for a myriad of reasons
-Agrees when you blame your mother for something that is going wrong in your life, even when your mother is not even remotely to blame for said disaster
-Has completed a thought or sentence of yours once or twice
-Checks in for updates about your life, i.e. how your family is doing, what's going on with work and if you're drinking red or white wine these days
-Tells you when you really need to 'cut something out' of your life for stress relief purposes even when they know that 'something' could mean less texting with them for a bit
-Listens to the really long voicemail you left when you butt or purse dialed, just in case you actually say something worthwhile somewhere in it
-Realizes that pedicure chairs have the same effect as a therapist's office
-Makes the effort to be in your life
-Forgives you when you slack off on making the effort to be in theirs
-Checks out your stupid blog
I realize some of these lessons learned are excruciatingly specific to my girls....go ahead and make your own list someday...

Friday, August 5, 2011

"The Texas Sky is the biggest one I've seen
But it still ain't big enough for you and me
All the things that make you mad
And all the baggage in your past
Don't leave much room for a girl like me to be
So I'll fill her up with hope and worn-out dreams…"

I’ve been told my entire life that growing up is hard to do… the hard decisions will come….the heartaches are inevitable….but all things will work out for the best….time is a healer….

Is 25 considered grown up, yet?

You ever been stuck in a moment that seems never-ending, unstoppable, heart-wrenching? Thinking about life a year from that moment is like looking at a mountain and being asked to move it with your mind, or being given a cat and asked to train it to do the Macarena….it’s a thought that seems impossible…but every night the sun sets and dreams are dreamed, and then the sun rises…and before you know it, you’ve made it a week, a month, and then a year.

What a difference a year makes…

God is good. I am loved. Keep moving on to stay strong. Done, and done.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

You know you love someone when their joy is also yours….

Yesterday one of my best friends gave birth to her second son and the happiness I experienced at the news brought tears to my eyes.  Wyatt Tyler is the new little brother of my godson William Thomas, and is one of the luckiest little boys ever born. 
7 lbs 12.1 oz 20 1/2 inches

Wyatt Tyler
It is events such as this that remind me that the worries I am wrought with stress over every night are nothing compared to the true joys, blessings, and meaning of the short life God has given us on this earth.  These little boys and their precious Mama are part of what encourages me to create, inspires me to paint and pushes me to be a better I can be the coolest Auntie Em EVER…

Me, Will and Peggy a year ago...

The little Monkey, grown up a little bit....

His Mama and Aunt Emmy, circa 2007...Don't really know what the cabinet fascination is, but I am sure new baby Wyatt will have hisown cabinet picture one day as well!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Go on an Etsy shopping spree!

"Tracks of My Tears"

Lonely Hearts Club Series

"Tracks of My Tears"
One of my favorite quotes is Picasso's..."Painting is just another way of keeping a diary"....I gave up a long time ago trying to keep my emotions out of my has never, pain, happiness, sorrow, it all has to come out! The world needs to be more honest and this is my small contribution to that goal.

Friday, June 10, 2011

A little procrastination never hurt anyone...

My Etsy shop is finally set up to accept PayPal and all major credit cards! So exciting! Everyone head on over and check it out!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

So it's been awhile since I bloggity-blogged...finals followed by an excellent trip to Ft. Lauderdale :) But here is my most current work in progress...if I ever finish it I'll let you know!


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Who has a cat, a dog, a mini-van, fabulous friends and a personal jeweler? THIS gal!

 Life is exceptionally stressful right now...semester is ending for three classes and in mid-terms for another. My fabu new advisor just informed me that my previous un-fabu advisor well, ill-advised me and I now have 6 extra credit hours of lab scienecs (blech) to take. Si tragique. Like a little puppy, happiness and distraction for me can be found in new toys, shiny, pretty things, and last week I shared a toy I found from Anthropologie's online dear friend Brooke observed my yearning for said jewel and took her happy self to a crafting store and...MADE IT FOR ME! Complete with a matching bracelet! Money can't buy you love, but it certainly helps you show it...I got a little box of love and hugs from SoFlo and am so proud I had to share...



My beloved snail mail...packages, magazines, and letters make me so happy...

Props to Brooke...I got a TON of compliments....and yes, I had fun telling people it was a 'custom piece'...

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Weekend get here fast!

I found this necklace at Anthropologie and L-O-V-E it....but starving artist/broke student can't swing $45 on a new bauble right now so I have endeavored to make this happy piece! Any suggestions? Post, please!

Monday, April 4, 2011


I was told to branch out in my work and try something different...I don't really like different...but, again, this self-improvemnt kick has me open and optimistic to new ideas and suggestions...

Friday, April 1, 2011

Every Friday morning I get the same happy-happy-joy-joy feeling...the weekend is here and FULL of possibilities!

My fellow blogger, art enthusiast and WA bud, Adrienne,  is always blogging, posting, or tweeting about random things that inspire her or make her happy. Brooke, ,another enthusiast, blogger and WA survivor (as well as AMAZING support system extraordinaire) does the same...taking my cue from these women and my new found resolution to be an optimist, last night I journaled (yes, I still journal, it's therapeutic) about hings that make me happy or inspired me to paint.

1- Just got an awesome message from my family just makes me so happy...they are pretty insane but amazing!

2- My pup...he's just the sweetest thing ever, and so excited to be alive every morning!

3- I found my copy of 'Casablanca'!
4- This amazing journal I am waiting for Amazon to get into my pretty little hands!

5- Getting ready to move into some new space has me obsessed with decorating....Redefined Home is awesome. Love the color in the sea floats and the retro subway signs? Totally unique.

6-My new cuff from Hive & love, but it jingle-jangles so I have to pick my showcase locale carefully...
7- I LOVED the movie 'Easy A' but I am even more enamored with the music from the film, especially this little diddy from I Heart Homework:

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What do I do on my lunch break now?

My move to Texas has left me with my prized possessions split evenly between my old home and my new (favored) one. I have learned valuable lessons in simplifying my life, and de-cluttering. 2 items that were left 'back home' are simply impossible for me to live without: my make-up case and my art cases. Very similar items when you consider they both contain forms of paint and the ability to creatively express yourself. I recently got these items back in my hands and was thrilled to be reunited! However, the first weekday after getting my art cases back, I was faced with a conundrum: what do I do with my lunch break now? The closest art supplier is about 15 minutes from my office so I would dash there almost every day, using coupons to slowly build up a new set of paints, here in Texas. I love art stores! They are so much fun and I am literally like a kid in a candy store! So now I need a new lunch-hour diversion....what's a girl to do?


The studio...which is also the library and the counseling office depending on situational dream is to one day have an entire room devoted to JUST painting....

Monday, March 28, 2011

The Sunny Side of Life...

I have long been accused of being a pessimist. I posses an often caustic & sarcastic sense of humor. In the effort of self-improvement I have begun looking for the bight-side, or the silver lining of various situations and life-occurances. I am not very good at it…below is a list of the various ‘stressors’ and “Boo you!”s I have encountered in the past few weeks and the consequent optimism I have employed….again, I am not very good at it…

1)Rainy Day: Softens the blow of losing my favorite sunglasses

2)Being a student (STILL) : This is an unwaveringly reliable explanation for why I am not as fabulously rich as my fellow 20-somethings without having to explain the Dooney handbags, Nixon watch or why the nail salon manager not only knows my name but has also begun to call me just ‘Pretty Lady’ every time I come in. Being a student allows forgiveness for poverty and irresponsible spending-you’re still learning!

3) The NFL lockout: While my profession prohibits me from official comment (check out ESPN for the latest), as a red-blooded woman I have dug deep and figured out the following: the off-season is a time of rest and training; a time when my Boys work-out. As the lock-out equates to a longer off-season, I expect my Boys to come back in even better shape, which let’s face it, can never be a bad thing.

4)Periods: That extra 3 LBS? It really IS just water weight and you were NOT lying to yourself!

5) Being Single: See blog post-

6) Going to Work: Work=money=spending more time with my friend who calls me ‘Pretty Lady’, see #2. If this silver-lining doesn’t cut it, I just check out the unemployment rates in America and that takes care of that.

7) Living MILES away from my closest friends: All communication has a higher value. When was the last time you really got down to the nitty-gritty with a friend? I mean the deep stuff…pouring your heart out and being brutally honest. When you can’t depend on sushi nights, shopping sprees, and movie dates to keep your friendships going you end up relying on the real stuff. While I would love to actually see my girls face-to-face, I wouldn’t trade what we have for a potentially shallow-er version. Friendships are like designer bags, no knock-offs please.

8) Schizophrenic Spring Weather: It may be bi-polar, not schizophrenic, I’d have to check the DSM, which I don’t keep in my back pocket, but the point is, every day you get about three different climatic changes….which also means that we are currently in the one season a year which allows you to wear absolutely ANYTHING in your closet without looking insane

9) The soda machine is broken at work –again.: This had led me to the budget friendly discovery of liter bottles at my desk. I cannot tell you how much money I have saved, or how thoroughly entertaining early morning trips to the local convenience store truly are. People are weird. In general.

10) Not being able to find Skinnygirl Margaritas ANYWHERE close to my home: No silver-lining….I’ll keep trying, but I’m pretty sure that I won’t be happy about this issue until I get what I want

Sweet Charity

Take a minute to check out one of the best non-profits I am aware of. Two of my favorite people work here and I can honestly tell you this organization is all heart and hard work. I know TONS of you are Arkansas born and/or bred,  so this better hit close to home! Just one minute to read a bit...please!
Arkansas Rice Depot

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The stars at night, are big and bright...

I have mentioned my love for the great state of Texas before, and I have, on numerous occasions been asked why it holds such a dear place in my heart. So I have compiled a list (ah, my lovely peace-inducing lists) of the various aspects of Texas that make me oh-so-very-happy:

-Here in Texas it is not sufficient to merely support our favorite Texas collegiate sports program, we also disparage the other schools, as evidenced by 'Saw 'Em Off' car decals...

-The wild Texas flora & fauna! Bluebonnets and tulips actually grow on the side of the road. If you drive south from Dallas to Houston (Hey Aunt Sheryl and Uncle Steve!) you will see literally thousands of sunflowers growing wild. And in the fall, oh in the fall, you will see tumbleweeds. Real tumbleweeds. Out of a John Wayne-western-movie-style tumbleweeds. For real.

-Shiner Bock and St. Arnold's. St. Arnold's is a micro-brew that comes out of Houston. If you ever get a chance, check out the brewery tour...not only do you get to sample the yummy fermented grains, but you can observe the eclectic artists that plop down at pic-nick tables and um, create 'masterpieces'. Shiner Bock is a Texas institution and I have actually met a very nice doggie named Shiner, who is adorned with a bottle-cap style dog tag. It was originally made in Shiner, TX and in the prohibition the original brewer made 'near-beer'...hmmm interesting. As a side note, Shiner is best enjoyed while eating at Hard 8.

-Hard 8 BBQ....massive mesquite pits....vast quantities of every meat imaginable...homemade jalapeno is weighed by the pound. You point to everything you want and they just pile it on the scale. It's a tradition to go there, when my friends the Robinson's are in town, even to point that a picture of the place is what pops up on my cell when Mrs. Robinson calls me.

-Texans loves their sports. There is no off-season here. You simply roll over from football (Go Cowboys) to basketball (Get 'em Mavericks), on into baseball (2010 American League Champs!). Wear some pretty blue and you can support all three teams year-round!

 -Texan pride is unrivaled. We are Texans and damn proud of it! I give you two prime examples:

A) When born in Texas, not only is the actual state illustrated in the background of your birth certificate, but for an extra fee, you can have a gigantic Texas star imprinted on it as well. And yes, before you ask, I DO have the star...However, giving a picture of my actual birth certificate is just stupid, so here is a different example:

B) Texas native and country cutie, Miranda Lambert sings one of my favorite songs, 'Texas as Hell'

I'm Texas as hell
Mean 'n ornery
I don't need no loud mouth
Comin' on to me
My temper gets hotter than red white and blue blazes
You know dog-gone well everybody can tell I'm Texas as hell

Well I know I haven't been around a long time
But I've heard my share of
Those worn out love lines
If you ain't redneck
Dont waste your time
Because right now I'm in a lone star state of mind

And I'm Texas as hell
Mean 'n ornery
I don't need no loud mouth
Comin on to me
My temper gets hotter than red white and blue blazes
You know dog-gone well everybody can tell
I'm Texas as hell

Well I guess you think that I'll be persuaded
But how many times do I have to say this
don't mess with me boy
For heaven's sake
Didnt anybody tell you messin with Texas was a big mistake

-The Mexican culinary influences are EVERYWHERE here! Now I grew up in South Florida, so I know there is a respectful difference between the different Latin-American backgrounds and cultures, and I HATE it when anyone Hispanic is labeled 'Mexican' in a derogatory manner. But I am talking about legitimate Mexican cuisine. I promise you that the minute you cross the Texas state line, or step into our airports off of a plane, within 5 minutes you could find amazing salsa and margaritas to make you eyes water.
-Keeping in the culinary theme, I present to you argument # 8 of why Texas is my favorite state: WG. WG is translated as white gravy and is served on chicken fried steak and mashed potatoes, traditionally, however, many native and naturalized Texans find excuses to put it on just about anything. It is bad for you. It is unsophisticated. It is amazing. It's butter, flour, milk and salt and pepper, but the extra kick my granddaddy, uncles, and mama use is bacon grease. yes, bacon grease. Trust me on this. Please.

-Everything sparkles in Texas. I mean that literally. For women, anyway. Jeans, belts, handbags, shoes, boots, nails, headbands, car decals, glasses, tank tops, bikinis, book bags, dog collars, wine bottles, candle holders, laptops, cell phones, notebooks....everything! I have even seen a be-dazzled shot-gun. I don't really know why Texas women feel the need to add sparkle to everything they own but it is very evident and very present here in Dallas, and has been observed directly in Houston and San Antonio as well.

-Everyone is welcome in Texas. You don't have to be born here to call yourself a Texan. Natives make the distinction, but we welcome you with open arms!

I'm for sale and the price is right!

Hello my lovelies! I just opened my very own online gallery and shop at! Very exciting! Success with Etsy is totally dependant on word-of-mouth and getting publicity, so please check it out and share with others! I love you all and am totally blessed by your support!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

In defense of shopaholics everywhere...

My mother spent all of last week in good 'ol Alabama at our house on the lake. While there, she began rumaging around, cleaning out various nooks and crannies. She gave me a call one night and asked if I could think of anything that I wanted brought back. All at once I imagined my old room, my room with four walk-in closets, closets that still housed some of my favorite pieces or raiment. When I moved to Dallas I didn't know exactly where I would end up living, or how long I would be there, so I only brought about 1/3 of my wardrobe with me.  Well, as spring jumps into high gear and I am still here in fabulous Dallas, I decided it was time to bring all of my clothes to their new home. At my request, my mother replied, “ALL of your clothes?” Of course all of them! I laughed and just went on with my day. Last night as the third industrial size garbage bag of clothes was dragged into my room by my brother, I was NOT laughing. ***

At first blush, I was embarrassed at the load of clothing that completely took over my living space. How in the world could I be SO materialistic?! I am a girly-girl, no doubt, and obviously love to shop, but I really thought I had developed more depth than this! But as I began to go through all of the items, different emotions overtook me. I came across the pair of old basketball shorts that had been mine from my 5th grade team. I found my senior jersey from Westminster. There was the black dress I wore to my Granddaddy’s funeral and the ratty old t-shirt from the first pub I went to in London. The top I wore when I first met my precious godson was laying right next to the dress I wore as I stood with my best friend on her wedding day. I realized that a majority of the things I hold onto were still in my possession only because I didn’t want to let go of the memories that were associated with them.

Now I know that I would have memories of all these events without the various material reminders, but I love how vivid the memories become when those reminders trigger something in my brain. I love remembering exactly how hot it was at Peg’s wedding, and how I cried when I first met baby Will. Seeing my senior jersey brought back a flash image of me and about 5 of my girlfriends standing side by side, posing for a picture, so proud we had finally made it to our last year of high school. I don’t ever want to ever forget anything about my grandfather, including memories of his funeral. As I looked at the black dress I wore the morning he was buried, I remembered every detail of the way my younger brother offered me his elbow to escort me from the limousine to the funeral services.

"A woman's life can really be a succession of lives, each revolving around some emotionally compelling situation or challenge, and each marked off by some intense experience."
Wallis Simpson

These special articles of clothing all represent experiences in my life that I wouldn’t trade for anything. These experiences have made me who I am, and I am sure will influence who I will become. I will not apologize for hanging on to these pretty little mementos of my life. I will however, be spending my entire weekend driving back and forth between The Container Store to purchase under bed storage bins and my local Goodwill drop-off location…all while pondering how to philosophically justify my shoe collection.

 ***As a side note, I do NOT make a habit of transporting my clothing, or any of my other goods in garbage bags, nor does my family, but we did not own enough suitcases to handle the load.

Friday, March 18, 2011

A little something different...

Colored paper bits on 3 inch thick wooden panel

My Granddaddy and I exchanged letters ever since I learned how to write. I still have most of them. I used envelopes from these letters and my trusty paints to create a little daily reminder of one of the most important people in my life.

While getting ready to make my most recent move, I came across the junk box that I have been carrying around for years. It was filled with all sorts of random tid-bits that I had collected over the years. I turned these objects into a fun mixed-media piece. The background is made from the street map I used on my first trip to London. There is a button from a visit to Graceland (I love Elvis) and from a camping trip with Westminster to Maine, and also one that was given to me at the hospital when my brother was born. A picture of the dock where I had my first kiss (awww) is in one corner and a matchbox from one of my absolute favorite South Beach cafes hangs from the gold frame. The silver mask is from one of my best childhood Halloween costumes.