Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Self Acctualization Lessons Learned: I am Pretty Corny (Part I)

I just spent the weekend with a dear friend who actually happens to be my oldest Amiga, in both length of acquaintance and actual years spent on earth. It was one of those weekends when there was actually enough time to do nothing and something all in two days, a time filled with serious sharing and wine-fueled laughter. I felt awesomely lucky as I drove home on Sunday night, pondering the corny sweetness that comes with old, dear friends. I then observed worlds collide between two people I know;one of my closest friends visited Las Vegas this past weekend...yes, I was a bit jealous, I must admit, but I got even more green-eyed when I noticed on the ever-updating Twitter feed that a sweet friend of mine from high school (who is currently driving cross-country from LA to South FLA) was stopping in Vegas that very night, and that their paths were bound to cross! To top off the Friendship-A-Palooza going on in my little blonde head, I am getting the chance to visit another dear friend in honor of her birthing her second fabulous son next weekend. 
In true Emily fashion, I mentally constructed a list of all the ways I have discovered what real friendship truly is, the lessons I have learned from the women around me....
A Real Friend:
-NEVER says 'I told you so'
-Waits over an hour with you for a tattoo, even when they aren't getting one and even when it only takes 10 minutes get the actual tattoo
-Knows how you drink your margaritas
-Tells you what you don't want to hear, but probably need to hear
-Overlooks hormonal witchiness
-Can list your favorite foods
-Will go ahead and let you say 'Thank you!' and take motherhood credit when someone comments on how cute their kid is as you're holding them, knowing part of you is savoring the moment in case its the only chance you get to be a "mom"
-Totally knows who your celebrity crush is (and may or may not announce that name to the entire checkout line at Walmart, see below)
-Goes to Walmart past 11:00 p.m. with you, for a myriad of reasons
-Agrees when you blame your mother for something that is going wrong in your life, even when your mother is not even remotely to blame for said disaster
-Has completed a thought or sentence of yours once or twice
-Checks in for updates about your life, i.e. how your family is doing, what's going on with work and if you're drinking red or white wine these days
-Tells you when you really need to 'cut something out' of your life for stress relief purposes even when they know that 'something' could mean less texting with them for a bit
-Listens to the really long voicemail you left when you butt or purse dialed, just in case you actually say something worthwhile somewhere in it
-Realizes that pedicure chairs have the same effect as a therapist's office
-Makes the effort to be in your life
-Forgives you when you slack off on making the effort to be in theirs
-Checks out your stupid blog
I realize some of these lessons learned are excruciatingly specific to my girls....go ahead and make your own list someday...

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